Timothy John Smith


    Tim grew up in a log cabin in Oakham , Massachusetts. He acquired his love of hunting, fishing and all things outdoors from his father, Dale Francis Smith. He received his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Alex Costa of Gracie Barra Back Bay in Boston, MA. Presently he trains under Alan Teo of Renzo Gracie BJJ. He started with the acting thing in High School like many men of his ilk, because of his girlfriend at the time, Erin. He dabbled a bit in college, then experimented a bit more after graduating from Saint Anselm's with a degree in something related to philosophy and biology. College studies were not his strong suit, a testament to that being the fact that his wonderful biology mentor, Prof. Barbara J Stahl, who has since passed, recommended that Tim immediately run off to NYC and become an actor. He almost did. He was cast as Riff Lorton in Worcester Forum Theatre's (RIP) production of West Side Story which landed him on 60 Minutes ever so briefly. The director of that production, Brian Tivnan, helped Tim get into grad school at Trinity Rep (AKA The Consortium) and the rest is history. He bopped around the country doing musicals and plays, spent a wonderful decade in Boston doing good work with good people, and now he resides in scenic West New York, New Jersey, which is an actual place in New Jersey. Not New York.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    Central Intelligence June 17, 2016