Sofia Hayat


    Sofia Hayat is an award winning actress, who has worked both in Hollywood and on Bollywood projects. She began her career in 2003, where she starred in "Absolute Power", with Stephen Fry. She went on to have roles in Footballers Wives Extra Time, Waterloo Road for the BBC, and starred in films, Cash and Curry, The Unforgettable and Naachle London. We also performed in the live film "Bollywood Carmen" for BBC3, where she played opposite Abhay Deol. Sofia is a keen polo player, and writes music. She plays the piano to grade 7, and can play Mozart on her recorder. Sofia is a spiritual person, she was born a Muslim, but became a Catholic in 2010, after studying the 2 religions together. Sofia has published her book, "Dishonoured", with Blake publishing, and released her music album of the same name in 2009. Sofia has been featured in India's sexiest women in the world, and has appeared in many magazines, like FHM, GQ, and Vogue.


    Movie NameRelease Date
    Aksar 2 November 17, 2017