• 18 December 1980
  •  Matanzas, Cuba

Everlayn Borges


Everlayn Borges peers out of almond-shaped eyes from under a formidable swirl of curls and waves. She is like a cat until she stirs with the spirit of a lioness. Long, shapely limbs stretch from her voluptuous body as her whole being animates her story. There is an undeniable presence about this multi-faceted, award-winning actress-dancer-singer who was born of humble beginnings with enough ambition to reach the stars. Since her arrival in America's sexiest city, Miami has had a love affair with Everlayn Borges. Hot doesn't come close to describing this beautiful Cuban bombshell who could win an Oscar merely for the way she moves her hips. She kept the temperature rising starring as both Maria and Virgen Caridad in the hit musical, "Miami Libre," a production of Miami's crown jewel theater, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Her glorious image swaying to the rhythm of the Grammy nominated Tiempo Libre band was celebrated on billboards and buses all over the city. She is presently performing in the improv comedy, "Tony and Tina's Wedding," creating riotous chaos in the Miami production of the longest running off-Broadway comedy in history, directed by the show's co-creator Larry Pelligrini. You can also catch her in a cameo appearance playing a drummer Kevin Rudolf's YouTube music video, "Welcome to the World." Everlayn next takes the stage with the comedy sketch group, "Skitsations," appearing as the opening act at the world famous Laugh Factory as part of the 2010 International Sketch Comedy Championships in Hollywood, California. For the past four years her irrepressible energy and hilarious performance as the loco mamacita manicurist in the long-running play, "Combing Through Life's Tangles," brought down the house every time she walked on stage. She has made the character of Martika much loved in Miami theater history. She was honored at the Star Gala 2008 with a coveted FREC award for her many contributions to the South Florida entertainment industry from the Film, Recording and Entertainment Council. Her tale begins in a town called Matanzas near the legendary Varadero Beach of Cuba. She is the daughter of a popular singer-musician who vanished at sea in a thwarted attempt to find freedom and opportunity in the United States and a doting mother who taught her how to dance. After her father's sudden disappearance, she was left with a legacy of talent as well as courage. Chosen at 8 to attend the prestigious School for Performing Arts in Havana, she excelled as a dancer, performing ballet and modern dance. Nine years of schooling groomed her to become a member of a touring Cuban dance troupe, which led to her own escape from Castro's rule. On tour in Mexico, the precocious young girl took flight. A harrowing journey took her from Juarez into Texas, across the Rio Grande and into a confrontation with police. Nonetheless, she made it to Miami where her dreams began to unfold. She performed for several years with Julio Iglesias, touring internationally as a singer and principal dancer and soloist. She also toured with Bertin Osborne and Eduardo Verastegui, and performed as a dancer in music videos with Julio, Willy Chirino and Michael Sterling. She has appeared on Sabado Gigante and on numerous television specials. Her credits also include being a principal in Showtime's series, "Going To California" and co-host of the HDNet series, "Get Out." Shortly after her arrival in Miami, she got her first taste of being in front of the movie camera in the role of a dancer in Warner Bros.' The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone. It was as sweet as a mango. Everlayn's eyes opened to new possibilities and gave her ambition a boost knowing that as an actress she could have many more years on camera than she could on stage as a dancer. As she says, "I have to follow this because it will follow me." She appeared in the independent feature Dark Queen and played Miss Cuba in Michael Mann's big screen version of Miami Vice. It was a role that almost didn't happen, though almost doesn't count. Promised an opportunity to audition for the film, Everlayn found herself insisting to be seen and getting nowhere with reluctant casting agents. There seemed to be a mix-up. When her protests landed on deaf ears, she had no option but to leave. In one of those rare "Hollywood moments," the director himself spotted her on her way out. Though he had seen over 150 hopefuls, hers was the face he was looking for. Within minutes she was on camera face-to-face with the acclaimed director. The camera loved her and so did Mann. Everlayn won the role. She was seen as Miss Cuba, a high-class prostitute and contestant in the movie's fictional Miss Universe contest in the thriller starring Colin Farrell and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx. She has continued working in film with Matrimonio alle Bahamas (2007), an Italian comedy starring Maximo Boldi. In the film as well as the trailer, Everlayn plays Withney, an uninvited guest who plays havoc with the wedding. She next appeared as an interviewer on the red carpet with stars Cole and Dylan Sprouse in Sony Pictures' retelling of the classic fairy tale, A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper (2007). On screen, the busy actress also played the character of Captain Manredi, a police detective, in the independent feature, Miami Undercover, and was recently seen as Eva in the Bollywood feature, Dostana. Everlayn has been diligently honing her craft studying at The Acting School and as a member of the improv comedy group, "Skitsations." Her bread and butter has come from commercials with such brands as Checkers, Harley-Davidson, Y Tu Tambien, a popular fragrance for the Latin market, and Mega Latin TV. Everlayn loves performing wherever she can and has appeared on the remix music video of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" and "Give You The World" for the Song BMG group, The Dey. She was a principal on the music video for CNote's popular "Wepa." After filming Miami Vice, she began appearing in "Combing Through Life's Tangles," which has been produced at such venues as the prestigious Women's Theatre Project in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Playhouse. No matter whether it's film, television, theater, dance, acting or singing, Everlayn is a force to be reckoned with. She's a dynamo of enthusiasm, energy and talent in a mutual love affair with the camera. With her mane of curls and spitfire personality, a theme emerges. Fearless, funny and beautiful, Everlayn Borges can take on anything, including Hollywood.


Movie NameRelease Date
Dostana November 14, 2008